1955 - A handful of people began meeting at the home of Mrs. Eva Green for a prayer meeting with the hope of starting a church in Baldwinsville. A retired minister from Syracuse, Rev John McGraw, would come and lead the group in prayer and singing. The small group continued to grow. 

Summer of 1955 – Board of the Rochester Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church meets and voted to begin a new church in Baldwinsville. A house and adjoining property were purchased.

Summer of 1956 – a cinder block building was built as the first phase of the Community Wesleyan Church.

August 1956 – Mr. & Mrs. Jerard Aman came to be the pastor. They had just graduated from Houghton College in June of 1956. Reverend and Mrs. Aman were paid $5 a week.

September 13, 1956 – The first prayer meeting was held in the newly constructed church building. At the prayer meeting were Pastor Jerry and Ginny Aman, Eva Greene, Orly Austin, Dick & Ruth Hill with their children (Ron, Chuck and Sue)

September 23, 1956 – First Sunday service held in the church building.

October 14, 1956 – First official service held in the church. There were 33 in Sunday School, 50 in the morning worship service and 45 for the evening service.


On April 7th, 1958 the congregation voted to build a sanctuary next to the educational unit. The first service was held in February 1959. Rev Aman resigned sensing they needed a full time pastor. In the spring of 1959 the church called Rev. Gerry Jack to be their pastor. Rev Aman continued his secular employment and donated part of his wages to the new full time pastor.

After much growth, on
April 22, 1973, ground was broken for an addition to sanctuary and a new front to the church. Through volunteer work the new building was completed by the 18 th anniversary celebration – October 13, 1974

After 18 years of ministry, the Jacks left to be missionaries in Puerto Rico. In
1977 Rev. Roger Rounds became the pastor and served 2 years before he felt a call to serve as a missionary in Australia. For 1 year the church was without a pastor and Earl Mills filled that role. In 1980, Lewis O'Vell became the pastor and he served for 4 years.

1984, Rev. Jim Willson and family became the senior pastor. In 1987 Carl & Cindy Chapman were hired as youth pastor. In 1999, Jim Willson resigned as pastor and Carl Chapman became the Sr. Pastor. He and his family continue to serve as the pastoral family of CWC.