When a family sits down to eat a meal, everyone has a seat at the table. As a church family, for everyone who is part of CWC, you have a seat at the table. Do you know where your seat is?

During the month of March we will be looking at the different “seats” at the CWC table. We can’t afford to have empty seats at our table. So it is important to identify your seat. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, let us help you find a seat at the CWC table. There is a place for you at the table.

The following pages include each Ministry "Seat" with some descriptions. Feel free to ask for more information on as many as you feel led to. Asking for more information is not signing up to fill that seat but starting a conversation to learn more about this ministry at church.  When you have prayed and decided where you would like to "sit" fill out the Stewartship Survey starting March 9th which feature the specific volunteer needs for the upcoming church year which starts in May 2024.